Noah Neiman - Mind After Midnight EP


Noah Neiman - Mind After Midnight EP

Noah Neiman returns to Enhanced Recordings to bring us an evocative 3-track concept EP, entitled 'Mind After Midnight.' – a step away from Noah's usual style but one most welcome.

Teaming up with three prodigious vocal talents of the scene, 'Mind After Midnight' offers a range of impressively distinguished tracks perfectly flowing as one extended-play. Starting off with 'Meteorites', featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Haliene, Noah Neiman creates a sublimely balanced, genre-defying atmospheric journey with loose trap influences, smooth, grooving pads and attentive effects, matched perfectly surrounding Haliene's encompassing lyrics.

Next, Noah draws on the seasoned talents of Meredith Call in 'You Are'. Taking on the form of a chugging chord masterclass 'You Are' adeptly matches Meredith's dark and smokey vocal delivery with Noah's cinematic soundscapes & atmospheric touches to form a supremely euphoric record.

'So Ready' featuring Linney's spine-tingling vocals follows next. Noah's flared pads, pulsing basslines and flexing saws make a lighthearted switch in energy that creates a perfect showcase for Linney's increasingly recognizable voice. Along with Noah's ear for perfectly paralleled melodic groove, the vocal and instrumental combination evokes the sights and sounds of coastal cities like Miami and LA; a fitting finale to an exceptionally polished EP from Noah Neiman.

Once again proving why he is one of the most innovative and dynamic producers on the scene, Noah Neiman delivers in style with 'Mind After Midnight,' one of his most expressive releases to date!