Mixmash Records drops the winning remixes of the Keep On Rockin’ Remix Contest!

Mixmash Records drops the winning remixes of the Keep On Rockin’ Remix Contest!

Amsterdam, December 6th, 2019 – The remixes of ‘Keep On Rockin” are finally here! If you already appreciated Laidback Luke and Pyrodox’s version of ‘Keep On Rockin’’, make sure to check out these remixes right away! With every remix another creative twist, these guys made three completely different remixes out of the same amazing track. 

Some of these remixes were part of the ‘Keep On Rockin’’ Remix contest. We were absolutely blown away by the broad assembly of remixes we received and our A&R listened to every single one of them. As the level was so high, it was very hard to pick the winners of the contest, but we are really excited about the release of these bangers. The winners already have been announced not that long ago and now it’s finally time to release their remixes of ‘Keep On Rockin’’ so they’re available on all your download/streaming portals! 

Let’s start with the winners of the ‘Keep On Rockin’’ Remix contest. WYKO and Krexxton joined forces to create a hard dance, bass house banger! These aspiring artists are certainly two you should follow closely. Jeonghyeon, the runner up, already has developed his own unique style at only the age of 20! Listen to how he infused his own sound into ‘Keep On Rockin’’, creating a future house track completely true to his own peculiar style. Last but definitely not least, if you are looking for those dubstep/trap influences, make sure to check Yako’s remix including some dope tempo switches and a distinctive build-up to the final drop, now!

Check the ‘Keep On Rockin” Remixes here.



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