“Moments” is startech42’s first original release on wechselstrommusic

“Moments” is startech42’s first original release on wechselstrommusic

After his label debut with a remix of So Orange’s Electro House banger “Flam Bang Money Scam”, finally startech42‘s first original is released on wechselstrommusic. In “Moments” the Berlin-based house music composer builds memorable synth melodies on a minimalistic but yet effective drum groove. All the carefully chosen elements are glued together by a warm and rather subtle bassline, which most of the time complements the track’s flow, just to allow itself to break out every now and then. A simple receipt, which unfolds its full potential with every time listening a little bit more. Enriched with unique remixes by the up-and-coming fellow producers Nathan Wolve from Koblenz, So Orange from Reykjavík as well as wechselstrommusic’s soul and label head Sascha Weberknecht, this EP is definitely a secret weapon for every track collection. It’s just made to accompany magic moments with a magic audience.

Buy here: https://ffm.to/bwxdo6v



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