Moviendo el Mundo: A solidarity project launched by PLURTV for all Latin America

Moviendo el Mundo: A solidarity project launched by PLURTV for all Latin America

These are difficult times for the scene across the whole planet. One of the most affected by this huge crisis is the scene in Latin America, mostly due to the null involvement by governments in proposing solutions for professionals in the leisure sector. This means that artists, clubs and independent promoters who have been working for years in a very professional manner are now even on the verge of bankruptcy or closure due to the high costs of rent or staff salaries.

It is because of this reason that “Moviendo el Mundo” is born: a project that seeks to create sustainability on the continental scene based on union, respect and solidarity, allowing the most vulnerable ones to have an opportunity for not bankrupting, and the most stable ones to give a hand to their colleagues so they can go on.

Simultaneously, the project will also work closely with all the countries involved, through local and trustworthy organizations to deliver essential products to vulnerable families.

The first Moviendo el Mundo event will be a combined event from several countries: Dominican Republic (Tanama), Honduras (Retune), Costa Rica (Garito Tamarindo) and Panama (La Buat)

We have 2 international brands invited that will be in solidarity: Sight (Barcelona / Spain) and Meet Festival (RD / Spain). They will donate their corresponding part to support the countries of the event.

More info about the Project in this link:

You can now make your contribution with the purchase of the ticket at the following link.



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