Moxxy Jones ft Isabelle – ‘Change My Mind’

Moxxy Jones ft Isabelle – ‘Change My Mind’

“… ‘Another Yesterday,’ showcases their dichotomous musicality, bringing both familiarity and unfamiliarity, as well as intimacy and expansiveness together.” EARMILK

‘Change My Mind’ is the sixth single set for release on March 15th from the San Francisco and Portland-based, independent duo Moxxy Jones with notable singer-songwriter and vocalist Isabelle. The track – released by Starita Records, off of the duo’s debut synth-pop album, ‘Unnoticed’ (available in Dolby Atmos) – is modern rock with a twist, a clear departure from the more synth-pop releases of their past. 

The duo, composed of Milan (guitar) and Frank (keyboard), are known for their unique takes on traditional genres, a sound that’s full of dichotomy: unexpected yet familiar, energetic yet dark, sonically boundless with classical elements, and intentionally juxtaposed lyrics. Isabelle has made waves as a powerhouse vocalist through her appearances on American Idol, Off-Broadway Productions, and her viral, body positive single ‘Unlabeled’ (which has amassed nearly 5 million views). Her talent (and vocal style) transcends genre as well, making her the perfect collaborator for such a freeform project. 

Previous releases from the duo have received incredibly positive reviews with both fans and press tastemakers. ‘Leave the Room’ reached over 1.6 Million streams on TikTok, repeated adds to editorial, algorithmic, and user-generated playlists including Indie Essentials (54K followers), Electro Indie Pop (53K followers), XXX (25K followers), and Worldwide Hits (20K). ‘Another Yesterday,’ the duo’s first collaboration with Isabelle, was featured in the likes of Earmilk, Rock Cabeca, and Lock

Their most recent feat brings the same lyrical vulnerability of ‘Another Yesterday,’ this time tapping into the complex emotions that come from the breakdown of a relationship. Frank shares, “This song played around with the concept of pretty and ugly, harmony and dissonance, and ultimately love and loss.” The musical exploration of heartbreak is only highlighted by Isabelle’s incredible vocal range, her powerhouse belts ever-present. “On the one end it became a song with a memorable hook, and on the other, it started to tell the story of knowing a relationship is over and coming to a place of acceptance,” Frank continued. “Isabelle’s dynamic vocal range really brought out those themes.”

Sonically, the track leans towards industrial and rock. Milan shares, “Chordal patterns are very much R&B but the synths and percussion sounds are coming from early to mid-90s industrial music. The guitars are all pulling from early 90s guitar sounds where things are either raw or a bit digitally processed.” 

Moxxy Jones has developed an extensive relationship with GRAMMY®-recognized producer, Starita, known for his work with many change agents in the industry including Madame Gandhi (American electronic music artist and activist focused on female empowerment and fourth-wave feminism), A Tribe Called Quest (pioneer of Alternative Hip Hop, crossing musical genres and influencing other hip hop and R&B artists, while delivering social commentary), and Childish Gambino (American actor, comedian, singer, rapper, writer, director, and producer). Speaking on the single, Starita believes it highlights the duo’s “rougher edges” and “raw” sound, an obvious nod to the equally honest and bare nature of the lyrics.

Both Moxxy Jones and Isabelle hope that the track can evoke confidence for listeners, regardless of what phase they are in their breakup. Milan wants it to be, “…just one additional piece in getting them where they need to be.” Isabelle, who has framed her career around female empowerment, agrees. She shares, “It is really a song about complete surrender and finally closing a chapter.”



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