Thomas Schumacher - Natural Rhythm III EP


Thomas Schumacher - Natural Rhythm III EP

This is the final release in Thomas Schumacher’s break out Natural Rhythm trilogy on Noir Music. Not only did he posiEon himself on the top of the charts with the first two releases but he also put his name straight in the spotlight and into the dj-sets of many of the top players in the techno scene.

So what’s the next move when you have great success and people’s aKenEon ?
For both Noir Music and Thomas Schumacher it’s a no-brainer; You take it one step further and keep challenging yourself and your audience.

The opener Stella on this release is an example of just that. A very emoEonal string-led track accompanied by relentless techno beats, distorted arppeggios and a big cinemaEc break to make you pull your hair out from pure joy (I know I almost did).

Persistence is a mesmerising acid-journey that digs deeper and deeper in its intensity as it evolves into one of Thomas Schumacher’s signature breaks. Then the track takes an unexpected turn through a more complex, dynamic rhythm before resolving back together with its contagious 303 theme.

It’s another 2-tracker from Thomas Schumacher where I feel I signed two “a-sides” as he just keeps making quality music the way only he knows how. It puts a smile on my face every Eme I play these tracks in the clubs around the globe and I hope it will please your ears as well.