Neon Noir Synthwave Producer Das Mörtal unleashes ‘WASTED’ Single

Neon Noir Synthwave Producer Das Mörtal unleashes ‘WASTED’ Single

Enigmatic Synthwave producer Das Mörtal released his latest cinematic single ‘WASTED’ on the 24th of February via Lisbon Lux Records. Notably, the song was premiered by METAL Magazine. Boasting over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, the producer has accumulated support press support from around the globe, specifically American publication MetalSucks, Canadian culture magazine Cult MTL as well as Le Canal Auditif, German webzines DIFFUS Magazine and VOLT Magazine, and Swedish publication Brutal Resonance among others. He has had his music aired on CJSW Radio and featured on the noteworthy Youtube channel NewRetroWave. On stage, he has performed over 50 shows in the USA since 2019.

Born and based in Montréal, Canada, Das Mörtal began his career in Berlin. Inspired by artists like Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin, he mixed influences from German Techno to Horror and science fiction film soundtracks. In 2014, he composed the music for the film Naissance d’un Zombie, dropped his EP Hotline Miami II, and performed at Osheaga Festival (CA), the MEG Festival (CA) and the FME (CA), Les Transmusicales (FR) while supporting Parisian Synthwave artist Perturbator on two European tours.

In 2017, he released his debut album Always Loved, which received international acclaim, allowing Das Mörtal to headline his first US tour. In April 2019, he released a deluxe edition of his EP Hotline Miami II, which now has more than 8 million plays on streaming platforms. In 2020, he shared his new vision, his second album Miami Beach Witches and created music for the video game Streets of Rage 4 original soundtrack. His sound is comparable to Gesaffelstein, Vitalic, Daniel Deluxe, and Absolute Valentine.

Das Mörtal’s formidable single ‘WASTED’ exists somewhere along the cutting edge of the Synthwave genre. A blend of contemporary drum patterns and retro synth lines, topped with haunting vocals, the record shifts from gear to gear, driving toward a high-beam neon sunset.



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