New Artist Kreios Drops Debut Single ‘Asylum’

New Artist Kreios Drops Debut Single ‘Asylum’

Starting their journey in Atlanta, dance music producer Kreios is about to launch into the next stage of his career path with brand new single ‘Asylum’. It’s the debut release from Kreios, a project which has been biding its time to reveal itself and 2023 will mark the start of his growing musical discography. With a huge range in musical tastes, and the hub of Atlanta only helping him explore his boundaries as a musician, the otherworldly, dark electronic artist known for his atmospheric soundscapes and haunting melodies endeavours to pull together elements of industrial, ambient and experimental styles of electronic music. Something which is clear to hear throughout the delivery of record ‘Asylum’.


For over fifteen years Kreios has spent time watching his favourite artists perform throughout the US. Whether at live music events or clubs, producers like Bastian, Scooter, NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger and several other names have given him inspiration whilst he spent time developing his sound. Also mesmerised by the energy they brought to crowds on stage, he’s gearing up to bring his music to audiences throughout the continent, something which he’ll build towards amongst a tight release schedule for 2023


Alongside a combination of original tracks with live instrumentation, as well as visual elements to fully immerse the listener, his signature is already instantly recognisable following the reveal of ‘Asylum’. Radio static creates a foreboding intro, which dives straight into lush levels of synthesis and manipulated vocals. Grinding snares kick through the mix, and you’re taken on a ride between lifting layers of bass and rolling melodies, without the track lacking any punch. Kreios makes his presence felt with ‘Asylum’, and it’s just a taster of what’s to come from the multifaceted artist and producer. 



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