NHOAH SHARES ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’ Single

NHOAH SHARES ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’ Single

Musical stalwart NHOAH has released his new single ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’ on 13 September via R.O.T respectortolerate Records – which premiered via Magnetic Magazine. NHOAH has made his name as a producer, composer, DJ, mixing engineer, record label owner and artist. To his core, NHOAH is devoted to creative culture and its inhabitants, drawing recognition from leading music publications such as Resident Advisor, Quietus, TRAX Mag, Clash Magazine, PopMatters, Magnetic Magazine, Data Transmission, The Arts Desk, MTV London and Electronic Groove as well as airplay on BBC 6 Nemone’s Electric Ladyland. He performed a live video on a suspended glass stairway on the Dachstein Glacier called ‘Stairway To Nothingness – Glacier Concert’ that was premiered by BE-AT TV and has racked up over 130K Youtube views to date.

NHOAH featured outstanding remixes by the likes of 808 State, µ-Ziq, Pixelord, Peter Zirbs and Mieko Suzuki for his debut album, West-Berlin, Abstellgleis zu Remixen and 120 Red Skies zu Remixen. He has worked alongside the producers of The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Neu!, and Bronski Beat’s Larry Steinbachek, and his album Tangowerk was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik. 

Berlin-born NHOAH’s sound pays homage to early German synth-music like Klaus Schulze and D.A.F, while at the same time drawing parallels to artists such as Dominik Eulberg, Rone or Stephan Bodzin. He is inspired by spaces, places and people, and his inherent ability to code emotional experience into sound is matchless. Though NHOAH’s label is based in Berlin, he has two studios in Vienna and is drawn there by the vibrant, international music scene – offering him the balance that he needs to create music after his shows.

NHOAH’s latest single ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’ is a unique offering of ever-evolving melody spanning the length of a club track. His ability to enliven a dancefloor is unprecedented, characterized by modular-synthesizers and state-of-the-art production technology. A musician that is inherently able to tap into the very heartbeat of the club scene, NHOAH’s material will always bear the distinctive stamp of his artistry, offering a combination of club beats and melodies that not only touch one emotionally but bring something thought-provoking and entirely idiosyncratic to the dancefloor.

When asked about the inspiration behind ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’, NHOAH explained, “Because of my live shows and DJ gigs, I am regularly in different cities. These short stays influence my artistry very much. The people in the streets as well as the audience on the dance floor are the most important factors, but also the districts where I live in the city, my breakfast, the subway, the nights, the skyline that appears with the first sunbeams, the posters on the walls and the music that comes from the cafés. Very often I’ve written songs directly after the shows, often in the morning before I fall into bed. Each of these tracks has become like a travel diary for me.”



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