Nick Warren Presents The Soundgarden


Nick Warren Presents The Soundgarden

June 2014 will see the release of a new, crowdfunded compilation on Hope Recordings, entitled ‘Nick Warren Presents The Soundgarden’.

Nick Warren has quite the standing in electronic music, having released material via pioneering imprints such as Global Underground, Renaissance and Cream since the early nineties as well as being the A&R behind Hope Recordings and one half of the legendary Way Out West. Here we see Nick return to the mix CD format, which he tells us ‘has always been something I love’, via a 2CD compilation taking in downbeat and club sounds.

Nick Warren : ‘’Sourcing new music and making it into a cohesive album isn’t always an easy process, but something I find very fulfilling. Ever since compiling the first ever “Back To Mine” in the 90’s my passion for weird and wonderful ambient textures and melody-filled dance floor sounds has been one of the driving forces of my search for the perfect track.

”I feel that my role as a producer and DJ also includes helping new and emerging talent and giving them a platform to be noticed in this ever-changing musical world. This is something I’ve been able to pursue again with this new album that will be my 13th!’’

CD1 sees Nick explore soundscapes and ethereal textures, featuring records from the likes of Clara Moto and Nils Frahm as well as some exciting newcomers that Nick’s unearthed while compiling the mix. CD2 tips the focus over to the club, comprising an amalgamation of intricate and melodic dance floor focused cuts, again we see some established artists on offer such as Barry Jamieson, Black 8, Da Funk and Waywork, while introducing some fresh talent into the mix as well.

To coincide with the release of the compilation Warren will also curate a series of ‘Soundgarden’ events, the first of which kicked off in London, early May.

‘Nick Warren presents The Soundgarden’ is out on Hope Recordings 9th June.


CD 1

1.    0:00 Clara Moto – Holy
2.    5:39 Dextro – Heaval
3.    9:30 Nils Frahm – Says
4.    16:05 Mono Electric Orchestra – Low Ball
5.    22:14 Ólafur Arnalds – Alice Enters
6.    25:02 Verche – No One Left Behind (Reprise)
7.    28:35 Purl – Essence
8.    35:49 Of Norway – A Forest
9.    43:27 Nuuda – Curiosity Calling
10.    45:51 Purl – Is
11.    50:42 Fait Du Prince – Wintersonne
12.    56:58 Black 8 – One More Day To Regret
13.    62:22 Jon Sine – Out of my Mind feat. Alex Easdale
14.    67:54 Antü Coimbra – El Jardín De Mis Sueños

CD 2

1.    0:00 Peet – Fear Of Andarana
2.    6:37 Niko Mayer – Anunnaki
3.    14:41 Simon Shackleton – We All Shine On
4.    21:32 Stas Drive Pres. Quattar – Arjuna
5.    26:48 Kassey Voorn – Voices
6.    33:30 Peter Makto & Gregory S – Glass House
7.    39:16 Tero Civill – Paper Girl
8.    44:14 Mono Electric Orchestra – Uno Momento
9.    49:00 James Monroe – Ambientworkx.XIII  
10.    53:03 Khen – The Lighthouse
11.    62:25 Simon Shackleton – Getting Closer
12.    68:09 Dark Soul Project – Al Sur


10 May 2014 Soundgarden Pre Launch Party, Prince of Wales, London, UK
17 May 2014 Culture Box, Copenhagen, DK
23 May 2014 Private Venue Space, San Francisco
24 May 2014 Skizzo, Monterrey, MX
26 May 2014 Monday Social, LA
6 June 2014 Bolivar Beach Club, Athens, G
7 June 2014 Cavo Pardiso Mykonos, G
8 June 2014 Loca Beach Club, Greece
15 June 2014 Off-Sonar, La Terrrazza, Barcelona, ESP
18 June 2014 Cat & Dog, Tel Aviv
20 June 2014 Mooskea, Arad, Romania
27th June 2014 Glastonbury Festival
03 July 2014 Sound Bar, Chicago
04 July 2014 Stereo, Montreal
05 July 2014 Ryze, Toronto
13 July 2014 Balaton Hungary
15th July La Feriago, Santiago, Chile
18 July Baum, Bogota Columbia
26th July Pacha Buenos Aries
2 Aug Street parade Zurich Switzerland