Romain Iannone - Nocturne Works


Romain Iannone - Nocturne Works

As a correlational attempt, 'Nocturne Works' induces a proto-botanical study exploring the relation of gentle short timed compositions and the Ipomoea alba.

Intended not to be a mere musical publication, rather a round endeavour based on subtle relations, this album plays with the conceived impression of a past warmth veiled under Alpine melancholia.

A cross-guided treatment between the musician and the interdisciplinary imprint; oqko evokes the metaphor of an organic listening paired with the plant as organism.
Romain Iannone's music is non-invasive and contemplative, spheric yet fragile like the Ipomoea alba supposed to grow out from the seeds included in the release packaging.

A particular bound exists between the cassette tape, the nocturne moon and the seeds of the Ipomoea alba (moonflower). The laconic-lasting tracks may refer the Ipomoea alba's flower brief blossom and the plant being a species of night-blooming morning glory finishes the triad.


Romain Iannone 


1. Mouman
2. Once Upon A Summertime
3. Piano Sample
4. Lake
5. Gibrilla The woodcutter
6. One minute
7. Clouds
8. FEV_01
9. Lake_03
10. Sleep
11. Petite Limace
12. Cha
13. Tape Loop
14. JAN_01
15. Morricone Samples
16. MARS_20
17. La Danse du Poisson Volant
18. Moondance
19. NOV_22
20. MAI_25
21. Piano Sketch
22. FEV_24