Noraj Cue – Shattered Love EP

Noraj Cue – Shattered Love EP

Tale + Tone continues to make a name for itself with an excellent EP from Dutch artist Noraj Cue.

Jaron van de Weg AKA Noraj Cue has been making music since 2006 and is also a respected mix engineer. An associate of Happy Camper Records, he has put out a couple of albums and plenty of EPs that are richly detailed affairs, drawing on house and techno as well as IDM, progressive and downtempo styles to really make for immersive musical worlds.

The gorgeous melodies and dream inducing beats of ‘You’ kick off with rich layers of synths soothing your mind and soul. ‘Ninna’s Jungle’ picks up the pace with pumping but still warm and rubbery drums as an ecosystem of pads and chords drift up top to heavenly effect. ‘All We Could Have’ is a deeper, more insular, melodic house track with poignant leads taking you on a journey inwards, then ‘Shattered Love’ is a suspensory delight, with airy chords painting pictures of a twinkling night sky that has you gazing on in awe.

The lush ‘Here Comes The Rain’ is a melodic epic, with more expansive arpeggios and enveloping chords the focal point as supple rhythms unfold below and take you ever higher. Last of all, the superb studio craftsmanship continues with the slow motion drums of ‘You May Think You Can Fly’, a deep cut and immersive track that is lit up with more masterful synth work.

This is emotive electronic music at its most meticulous.


1. You
2. Ninna’s Jungle
3. All We Could Have
4. Shattered Love
5. Here Comes The Rain
6. You May Think You Can Fly

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