Marcus Santoro - Nova Scotia


Marcus Santoro - Nova Scotia

Delivering another exceptional slice of dreamy Progressive Trance, Aussie Enprog mainstay Marcus Santoro continues his run of impressive recent form with the mesmerising 'Nova Scotia', which is available on all platforms from September 8th.

Filled with Marcus' trademark touches and sounds, 'Nova Scotia' delivers a completely engrossing journey through deft, building piano chords & atmospherics, drawing on Marcus' unique lead sounds to bring an instantly-recognisable Marcus Santoro production packed with euphoria, crisp drums and driving energy. Bringing another bonafide hit into Marcus Santoro's now expansive Enprog collection, this is 'Nova Scotia'.

Marcus Santoro also said the following: ‘I’m so excited to be back on Enhanced with my latest number ‘Nova Scotia’. This record was simply inspired from when I was looking at Landscapes on the internet and I stumbled across the Canadian province that is the title ‘Nova Scotia’. I thought it was amazing the view stuck with me the entire time when writing the song.’

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