Nurzat wraps up the year 2022 with his new single ‘Fading Stars’

Nurzat wraps up the year 2022 with his new single ‘Fading Stars’

Barcelona based Producer/Dj Nurzat, wrapping up the year 2022 with his athmospheric, plucky, deep and uplifting new release, ‘Fading Stars’.

After having years of a rich experience of drumming in diverse genres, Nurzat took his inspiration from the swinging beats and hypnotic grooves. By incorporating delicate harmonies with sharp, minimal and delicious tunes, literally dances across hermeneutic genre barriers.

His sounds refers to creativity that is directed towards self-expression, in contrast to the philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic codes of the mainstream.

“Fading Stars” is a five-minute epic about life, death, and love. The main melody represents the journey of the life,It is accompanied by drums and plucks, which represent the uplifting energy and inner screams that occur during this journey. When a star dies, it’s like watching a movie that was in its final scenes. The fading stars are beautiful and make you think of all the movies that have come out before yours.




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