NY based live trio N/UM returns with new album

NY based live trio N/UM returns with new album

‘Levers of History’ is the second full length album and fifth release by New York electronic live trio N/UM.

Unable to play as a group due to quarantine for a period of many months, the trio finally got back together to record a series of spontaneous, thematic, and captivating tracks, brimming with the electrifying momentum of a long awaited leap back into collective improvisation and a powerful creative spark reignited.

From the first notes The Levers of History pulls the listener into a mysterious psychedelic soundscape, layered with intriguing vocal runes and laid back yet driving bass melodies, accompanied by body swaying grooves and guitar-work of an unorthodox but wide field of dimensions, all seamlessly combined into a musically stimulating hypnotic journey.

The trio falls into harmony more than ever before on the album in six extended chapters, again breaking with predictable formulae and norms, true to the trademark of the New York trio that has seen rapidly growing demand in recent years for their fearless all-improvised live shows, often performed in the midst of raving crowds without barriers, both physical and musical.

For this special release N/UM invites the Canadian visual art collective Isotone as collaborators, augmenting the album with a visual interpretation and expanding the work into multi-media artistic territory. The two groups have collaborated recently in the live setting, delivering a mind-altering 360 A/V live performance at the 2022 edition of MUTEK Montréal, lighting up the Satosphére Dome at Société des Arts Technologiques for the closing show of this years highly anticipated return of the seminal festival.

Finally, contributing a fitting field trip of a remix, the acclaimed Perlon artist, DJ and performer extraordinaire Dr. San Proper reinterprets the title track “Levers of History” with signature infectious breakbeats and kaleidoscope sonic visions, maneuvering the material in masterful fashion, like an acid boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam.

The album marks the relaunch and return of operations of the groups in-house label Ninetofire. The label has a number of releases lined up for 2023, starting with a Various Artists Compilation and several EP releases from their growing circle of outstanding talent.

The album will be available via the Ninetofire Bandcamp store as well as major streaming platforms.

The audiovisual version of the LP is an expertly crafted mix derived from the album tracks set to stunning visuals by the Isotone crew and will be available to stream on several major video platforms and select media outlets.

N/UM will bring their live show to U.S. East-coast cities in the winter months starting with Washington D.C.’s FLASH on November 23’rd and will be found on the festival circuit and in major European cities in the Spring and Summer of 2023.



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