nY*AK – New Ways EP – Fifty Fathoms Deep


nY*AK – New Ways EP – Fifty Fathoms Deep

Fifty Fathoms celebrate their 1st year in existence with release number five, and EP from Newcastle native Andrew Scott aka NYAK.

Following on from Fredericks critically acclaimed debut album Disruptive Pattern Material NYAK keeps the momentum going with superb 4 track EP of raw, low slung underground jams.

“What do the letters stand for? Why the asterisk?” you ask. The origin of the asterisk has something to do with donating dates of birth on family trees, from back in the medieval times. In music, an asterisk denotes when a sustain pedal should be lifted. NY – New York? AK – Alaska? AK as in AK-47? Is it something to do with the three stooges? Nyak nyak nyak… It leaves the mind thirsty for answers; for clarity. In reality Andrew Scott, the man behind NY*AK; banged his computer keyboard in frustration one day – and out came NY*AK. If that’s taken the shine off it a little, we’re not worried. Listen to any of Andrews tracks and we guarantee you’ll be drawn straight back in, but this time – deeper.