Odette creates a storm with her new EP on Household Digital

Odette creates a storm with her new EP on Household Digital

Odette makes her fierce debut on the California based label Household Digital!

This EP is sure to bring some groovy Deep Tech House vibes to the dance floors with sounds intricately placed to move your feet.

Odette is now an established name in her country of Holland, with her own label VDK spreading the Tech House sound she knows & loves. As she spins and makes her unique style of Minimal, House & Techno, you just know that you are guaranteed a one of a kind journey! She always pays tribute to the history of these genres… and has released hit tracks with top artists including; Archie Hamilton, becoming one of Holland’s go-to producers / DJ’s in an ever growing scene.

The title track to this EP “Night Into Town” is a slammer! With groove from the very first moments, this track entices you in with it’s solid set of percussion & tight booming bassline. Delicate use of FX as the track progresses make this a brilliant addition to have in your playlists… a perfect track before heading into town or to hear at peak time on a night out!

Second up Odette takes things “Upside Down”. This one screams out Garage vibes with a huge dub B-Line that’s sure to rattle speakers. The energy of this tune is just awesome, super uplifting yet deep to it’s core. Short re-wind spinbacks give a live feel, cleverly adding to the overall driving force, really showing off her slick production skills here.

Finishing off this sublime release is “Organ Jazz”… & who doesn’t love an Organ!? Amazing live jamming taking place in this song, it has such a natural feel that you almost forget it’s Electronic Music that you’re listening to. Beautiful pads settle in halfway through to backup the melody and we can picture this one taking the scene by storm over the Spring period of parties!

If you like what you hear, you can grab yourself a copy of the EP now by clicking -> here

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