Various Artists - Orbiter IV


Various Artists - Orbiter IV

Moon Harbour continue to welcome new names and give them a deserving platform with their Orbiter series. Now onto edition four, it is Proudly People, Nico Cabeza, Danny Serrano and Mendo and Saeed Younan and Electronic Youth who all step up. 

There are lots of different niches explored throughout. First off is a playful jam with a great sense of humour. It's called 'That Thing' and the same words are littered throughout to lend it a familiar feel, the drums are slick and quick and never let up. 'That Feeling' then loops deep, with ass wiggling funk and rude boy vocals up top all making it feel like a New York house jam. 'This is Acid' then gets twisted with a rising acid loop and coarse claps. It's a tough, peak time tune that builds and builds and keeps you locked in the groove. 'Wind' then gets tribal with metallic percussion and bird calls, and is a lively number that bristles and brims with energy right to the end. These are four fine tunes that will get any DJ and dancer excited

1) Proudly People – That Thing
2) Saeed Younan, Electronic Youth – That Feeling feat. Born I Music
3) Danny Serrano, Mendo – This Is Acid
4) Nico Cabeza – Wind

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