Mavlin - Organic Drones EP


Mavlin - Organic Drones EP

UK producer Mavlin drops four poignant tracks on vinyl only imprint Krenta Records this February.

Specialising in Chicago and Detroit inspired productions, Krenta Records is a fresh imprint with a lot of promise. The platform is hardware-focused, with its material composed of retro synths, drum machines, samples and outboards for a machine driven sound oozing with soul.

‘Timeless Energy’ uses clunky percussion and a moving melody to engineer a down tempo and emotional cut. ‘Cycle’ then rolls forward with undulating drums and soft synths, before ‘Rise of Ai’ demonstrates a moody chord sequence and fuzzy bassline. Tying it all together, ‘The Valley Of Shadows’ boasts a discernible hook, tranquil pads and serene keys in a mesmerising conclusion.

Mavlin ‘Organic Drones’ EP drops on Krenta Records on 26th February 2016.


Timeless Energy
Rise of Ai
The Valley Of Shadows