Deep Woods - Owl


Deep Woods - Owl

For our first release of 2018, we present the head of 3Bridge Records newest creation, the 'Owls' EP. Partially a concept work, it's 3 slices of heady, deep tech house that create beautiful atmospheres. Each track highlights a different owl and builds the music around them.

Leading the sequence, The Barn Owl' chugs along with racing hi-hats, tech-laden percussion, and sparkling leads that coast over the terrain of moody pads and sublime sounds. This would be work great as a late night track as fog lights encompass a dance floor or in the scene of a fantasy type film where sunlight pokes through the dark forests where creatures wait and observe their surroundings.

'The Great Horned Owl' takes things in a bit more of a darker direction. It's known that this breed are strong predators, feeding on an amalgam of other animals. and you get the sense hearing the tone of the track as if you might be running from one (as a small animal) or observing a parliament of them having some sort of group ritual. You'll hear their chants scattered here too as the song builds and morphs.

Lastly, 'The Screech Owl' is almost a combination of the first 2 tracks, blending ethereal elements, tribal type drums, and echoed string riffs. Their vocals are here too if you were ever curious how they sound.

Owls are a mythical type bird and this Deep Woods EP perfectly captures their aesthetic with these 3 great pieces.