Pablo Kush Unveils Mesmerizing Homecoming with “Hardcore Vibes”

Pablo Kush Unveils Mesmerizing Homecoming with “Hardcore Vibes”

Dublin, Ireland — Brace yourselves for a journey that unfurls across the tapestry of Berlin, Prague, Paris, Frankfurt, and Barcelona – a musical odyssey that has woven together continents, cultures, and genres. Esteemed rapper and producer Pablo Kush emerges as the mastermind behind this captivating narrative, poised to stun the world with the resounding impact of their latest release, “Hardcore Vibes.”


“Hardcore Vibes” serves as a testament to the power of transcontinental collaboration. Teaming up with fellow luminaries Drumla and Madugo, Pablo Kush elevates listeners on a sonic voyage that seamlessly weaves together the threads of Trap, Hip Hop, and Rap, punctuated by the spark of Electro, Dance, and Pop Rap. Paying homage and rebirthing the 1995 version of song created by German group Dune.


The creative journey that culminated in “Hardcore Vibes” was marked by a symphony of minds and talents converging in perfect harmony. The rhythmical foundation was laid by Drumla’s contagious beats, complemented by the invigorating energy of Madugo’s chorus. A true maestro of the mic, Pablo Kush then steps onto the stage, intertwining their verses with the essence of the track. The result? An exquisite tapestry of voices, styles, and perspectives, raising the song to stratospheric heights.


Reflecting on this artistic voyage, Pablo Kush candidly shares, “It was a completely new style to me, but it almost seemed natural at the same time, so it was just fun.” This enchanting track underwent meticulous refinement under the skilled hands of Cohen, who ensured every note danced in harmony, and Busy, the revered virtuoso, lent his mastering touch. Adding a visually arresting layer, the mesmerizing artwork and motion art were conceived by the visionary Peepmylyfe.


From sharing stages with luminaries like DJ Yella, Onyx, and Ghostface Killa, Pablo Kush has demonstrated their innate ability to enrapture audiences in a live setting. Behind the scenes, they’ve harmonized with a roster of distinguished producers and engineers, including Drumla,Luci G, Gezin of 808 Mafia, Rott, Rizzo8, and CohenLabs, among others.


Having brushed shoulders with legends from Rae Sremmurd, A$AP Rocky and Kanye West to Wu Tang Clan and Travis Scott, Pablo’s voyage is one etched with encounters with greatness. However, the true spotlight remains steadfastly on their own artistic evolution and sonic exploration.




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