Pan-Pot – Grey Matter EP


Pan-Pot – Grey Matter EP

For Pan-Pot’s second release on their new imprint they fall nothing short of what you would expect from the infamous duo.

“Grey Matter” is a stormer made especially for the intense peak time strobe lights of a dark sweaty club. The pulsing stabs and swelling bass in combination with the rolling hi-hats and shakers keep the energy flowing upward. Don’t let the word grey in the title fool you, this track is more a burning red. Just like the deep ominous vocal says, “We’re burning”!

On the flip side is “Substance” and with this one, Pan-Pot showcase their vast knowledge of what tension can do on the dance floor. From beginning to end, it teases with builds that never quite go over the edge. Constantly increasing, it creates the desire for just a little more while never giving you the satisfaction of a resolution.

It’s a concept that only masters can make work and when it does, it’s nothing short of brilliant.