Paul Hazendonk – Adapt


Paul Hazendonk – Adapt

Paul Hazendonk’s much hyped debut album has been a long time in the making. The innovative label boss has been at the helm of Manual Music since 2005, churning out stellar releases from artists including Gabriel Ananda, Fairmont, Max Cooper, Hernan Cattaneo, John Tejada, Qbical and Alice Rose– to name but a few. However, it is only in recently months that the promise of a debut album has come to fruition – much to the delight of his fans – with “Adapt” released on Manual Music.

Not being one to pigeon-hole himself to a specific genre, Hazendonk has very much engineered his own sound since the beginning of his career and this album epitomises his eclectic taste in music with the inclusion of tracks that span Balearic beats to after-party vibes.

Whether you’re familiar with Hazendonk’s work or not, this delicious selection of deep house and techno baths you in synths and hypnotic vocals. After just one listen, it is apparent that producer Noraj Cue has added the Midas touch to the album due to the beautifully melancholic nature of the tracks, all of which feature a warm, electronic undertone – as is his signature sound.

Adapt begins with “In The Dark”, a stunning opener complete with haunting yet uplifting vocals from Danish singer Alice Rose – a track which gives you shivers down your spine and straps you in for the musical journey that is to come. “Story Of Something” – with spoken vocals from South African Lazarusman – is an upbeat track with a catchy lyric that wouldn’t sound out of place in a London warehouse at 4am whereas “Canyon” is intense with captivating lyrics from the unique voice of Sian Evans – the singer from Kosheen.

The stunning array of tracks featured on this debut are a testament to the technical prowess of this Dutch DJ and producer who has not only created 12 beautiful tunes in their own right but has stitched them together in such a way that you’re taken on a magical journey peppered with haunting lyrics and twinkling synths. This is also because it is literally tiny pieces and sounds from the past few years of his life patched together to create this beautiful piece of music. What is rare is that many of the tracks have a sub context close to his heart; “Canyon” portrays bereavement and losing someone you love, “Urban Suitcase” is about his adventures whilst travelling the world out of a suitcase and “You’re My Habit” is a romantic ode dedicated to the love of his life. In contrast, the album is also rich in sounds that will work on the dance floor; “Ugly Smacker” is one such example – a track penned to celebrate the return of Furrr & Hazendonk – along with “Primate” a reference to his love of grimy techno.

In short, “Adapt” is stellar work from the man who has been instrumental in giving talented deep house and techno producers a platform for their work since he started Manual Music in 2005 and now it is his turn to shine.


01. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – In The Dark (ft. Alice Rose)
02. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Duclos Lasalle
03. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – You’re My Habit
04. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Falling Sky
05. Paul Hazendonk – Urban Suitcase
06. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Story Of Something (ft. Lazarusman)
07. Furrr & Hazendonk – Ugly Smacker
08. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Primate
09. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Canyon (ft. Sian Evans)
10. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Hazy Echoes (ft. Patchy)
11. Paul Hazendonk – We Have Visitors
12. Paul Hazendonk with Noraj Cue – Fortress Of Solitude

Paul Hazendonk – “Adapt” is out from today on Manual Music and is available via Beatport, Bandcamp and other online music retailers.