Pedro Sanmartin returns to Loot Recordings with ‘Dysania’

Pedro Sanmartin returns to Loot Recordings with ‘Dysania’

Pedro Sanmartin makes a welcome return to Loot Recordings for his first proper single with us. The Spanish born, Norway-based producer delivers three diverse quality tracks that includes remixes from Death On The Balcony and Tuba Twooz.

The opening track “Melting Pot” is a dub-influenced slow burner that clocks in at 115 BPMs. Dubby guitar riffs are accompanied by swelling synth pads and twinkling pianos that sets the tone for the journey ahead. The perfect opener.

Diving into the titled track “Dysania”, its a mesmerizing affair of deep house with a bouncing bassline layered with modular synths and emotional strings. The Death On The Balcony remix increases the energy and remains true to the original with epic strings, dreamy melodies and spoken vocal samples peppered throughout the track. Tuba Twooz deliver a remix that’s a pure dance floor weapon, loaded with twists and turns of potent synth stabs and a throbbing bassline designed for those hands in the air moments.

Closing the release is “Chanking”, a slice of chunky house music that’s driven by big synth stabs, thundering drums and powerful buildups that dramatically increase the tension during all the right moments.

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