Various Artists - Philadelphia Compilation no.2


Various Artists - Philadelphia Compilation no.2

Following the 50th release at the end of last year, Worship Recordings return in 2019 with ‘Philadelphia Compilation no. 2’.

Established by Rob Paine & Dan McGehan in the summer of 1998, Worship Recordings quickly obtained a reputation for being a big purveyor of the ‘dub house’ genre which blended house music and dubbed out sound design. Originally starting out as an in-house production label, Worship then went on to release music from artists that paralleled their creative vision including the likes of Chris Udoh, Solomonic Sound, Jay Tripwire, Pete Moss, Grant Dell and Hakan Libdo. This is the second part of the ‘Philadelphia Compilation’, with Worship staying true to their hometown of Philadelphia and supporting local artists.

“We are very proud of our city and the artists that it continues to produce. Keeping the musical ecosystem moving forward by supporting artists through our events is just one part of our duty. Another is to use our Worship Recordings label, this platform we created over 20 years ago to promote and share Philadelphia’s thriving artist community to the rest of the world. We hope you enjoy our little contribution to this musical mecca of a city called Philadelphia.” – Worship Recordings

‘Philadelphia Compilation no.2’ fuses an assortment of eclectic cuts; whether the meditative, alleviating tones of label boss Rob Paine’s mix of ‘Dread Locks Tree Dub Medley’ and ‘In The Dub Tonight’; or the bubbly ambience and floaty keys from, ‘The Moment Isn’t Working’ by King Britt – co-founder of Ovum with fellow local legend Josh Wink.

‘Philadelphia Compilation no. 2’ drops on Worship Recordings on 5th April 2019.


1. Maggs Bruchez – Jupiter & Mars
2. Joey Crawford – What I Do
3. Pete Moss – Don’t Want To Let You Down
4. Mr. Falcon – Masks
5. Remote Places – Emotional Communication
6. Mr. Stitch – Fresh Dub
7. Ben Arsenal – Give Peace A Chance
8. M//R – Atmospheres
9. Mark Pappas – Field Of Poppies
10. Jay Hill – Mirali
11. I Yahn I Arkestra – Dread Locks Tree Dub Medley
12. Rob Paine, Heights – In The Dub Tonight
13. King Britt – The Moment Isn’t Working