Polygon introduces revolutionary 3D soundstage at Wonderfruit

Polygon introduces revolutionary 3D soundstage at Wonderfruit

Polygon are bringing about a revolution in live sound. Harnessing the power of immersive sound technology, Polygon delivers a 3D, 360° sound stage, and a live experience like you’ve never heard before.

Imagine a dancefloor that puts you right at the centre. An orchestra is playing all around you. You feel like you are in amongst the strings section, the flutes circling around your head and the beat of the drums pulsing at your feet. 

By fundamentally changing how music is experienced, Polygon Live has established a new standard for live event production – providing a natural and vivid experience that heightens emotion and places the listener inside the music rather than in front.

You can experience Polygon Live at Wonderfruit Festival in December this year, the world’s first fully immersive 3D 360° sound stage.  This signifies the beginning of a new era for live music.

Polygon CEO Nico Elliott adds, After many years researching 3D sound we are excited to officially launch Polygon Live. We believe that Polygon will redefine how live music is experienced and set a new benchmark for the industry.”  

Polygon Live will appear for the third time at Wonderfruit this year, hosting an array of cutting edge technology and innovation. Scent dispersion, pyrotechnics and tubed LED lighting will coalesce around a bamboo stage designed by the globally renowned lighting designers and architects, Visual Systems. 

The Polygon Live lineup includes leading electronic musicians and DJ’s including; Be Svendsen, Luis Rosenberg, Viken Arman Alban Endlos, Martha Van Straaten and Chilean electronic band Matanza.

This unique configuration of 3D sound is the beginning of a transformation for live music. Polygon Live is the first to breathe life into a saturated market, and provide festival goers with a compelling new way to enjoy concerts, and experience music like never before.

Experience Polygon Live at Wonderfruit Festival. 12th-16th December 2019.



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