Posse Unit to release irresistible new single “I Don’t Even Know”

Posse Unit to release irresistible new single “I Don’t Even Know”

Posse Unit started as a concept in May 2021 as a way of making music, even though there was barriers that kept them apart due to the dreaded pandemic. UK based songwriter Ben Hill outsourced through Fiverr, and it ended up connecting him with musicians and producers from producers and singers from Argentina, Nigeria, Romina & South Africa. This in turn made Posse Unit a global outfit that breaks down musical collaborative barriers. Their project was found to be warmly received, with their first single ‘Everybody Party’ becoming an instant chart success as it went straight into the iTunes chart in South Africa at number 7.

Their latest offering comes in the form of “I Don’t Even Know” and is truly a melting pot of influences. Sunshine soaked synths poke through the mix and layer on top of a colourful canvas, whilst drums pierce through the mix creating an infectious groove that you can’t help but dance to. Texturally the track is diverse, enticing the listener in and dropping us into their world. Whilst on top of it all, LA-based Aleinad’s lead vocals are irresistible – raw and emotional but tinged with playfulness and expressed with melodies that will be in your head for days. 


Posse Unit want to hit the rest of 2022 head on, and we feel that it is sure to be a big year for them, with four more singles ready for release by the end of year and things looking even more positive since they signed a major Management deal with Washington based DCR L.L.C. We can’t wait to hear what’s next in store. 



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