Mintz - Pulse of Our Planet


Mintz - Pulse of Our Planet

After a stellar run of EPs and singles, Polish label Exotic Refreshment is proud to announce the release of a full length album from Mintz. Entitled ‘Pulse of Our Planet’ and due in January 2016, it is a stunning concept album made on analogue gear and featuring ten tracks of story telling house and techno.

Mintz is a duo made up of Eden Cohen and Rami Shalom from the northern pastoral lands of Israel. They have only been working together for just over a year but already have a fantastically formed sound that trips through ambient, electronica, deep house and techno. This new album is a fine example of that and talks about deep space and time in a very spacious sonic environment.

After an absorbing intro that places you deep in outer space, ‘Shin Mun’ is a spiritual, deep and melodic groove that carries you through a starry night sky. ‘Mach 3’ is another spine tingler, with spaceship like pads and rumbling bass notes making for an increasingly involving ride. The title track is then a subtly uplifting affair with glassy drones and reflective synths raising spirits as they break out from the gloom at the mid point.

In to the second half of the album and you are lowered down into a spacious cosmic world on ‘One Twenty’ then tickled with tantalising chords, broody bass and slick pads on ‘Spitzer.’ Always bubbling whilst never boiling over, a great sense of balance and trance inducing melody flows right though the heart of this album with tracks like ‘La Pearle Noir’ and ‘Prism’. The last two pieces, ‘Titan’ and ‘Iron Side’ cook up absorbing neon patterns and multi-layered grooves that continue to suspend you in a space that is dark around the edges but glowing at the core.

This is an absorbing album that is about tuning in and zoning out. It will make you dance in parts but is so detailed and full of narrative that it works just as well as an absorbing home listening experience.

1. Mintz – Intro
2. Mintz – Shin Mūn
3. Mintz – Mach 3
4. Mintz – Pulse Of Our Planet
5. Mintz – One Twenty
6. Mintz – Spitzer
7. Mintz – La Perle Noire
8. Mintz – Prism
9. Mintz – Titan
10. Mintz – Iron side