Leostar - Pushing EP


Leostar - Pushing EP

Manchester based Leostar is forging quite a name for himself playing around the UK and with summer Ibiza residencies already under his belt. His new release for EJ Underground brings a distinct techno flavour to proceedings.

The Original Mix is a thunderous bass monster of a track. It’s dark tech, but in an ever so nice way. We’re looking at a hypnotic build and killer stabs that require shades at night. Skillfully chopped vocals that make you wonder what the hell is going down dovetail nicely with crunching kicks and eerie pads to ensure twisted dance floor rapture guaranteed.

Sean Grainger’s remix is a subtler kind of affair, but sneaks up on you with the cunning of a very wily fox and bites you right on the bum. Don’t be fooled by it’s relative restraint and laid back appearance, this is a serious groove vehicle laden with an insistent bottom end and some refreshing PCM noodles you’ll not have heard the likes of in a while.

Leostar ‘Pushing’ EP is out 2nd May 2016