Signal Bath - Queen of the Night


Signal Bath - Queen of the Night

Bend, OR based electronic producer, DJ, and promoter Signal Bath AKA Shane Thomas is happy to announce the release of his debut, independent six-track EP titled Queen of the Night. Produced over the course of a year and a half, the EP is experimental electronic music production at its best. Thomas displays his wide range and abilities on this six track EP. Tracks range from cinematic and peaceful to danceable and groovy. He delivers, forward-thinking, electronic music production with organic sounds and instrumentation intertwined throughout. Signal Bath uses digital and analog with a lot of reverb and delay throughout his production. Thomas utilizes emotive guitar riffs, improvised looping, syncopated beats, unique drum patterns, and memorable melodies in order to create a sound this is uniquely his own. Altogether Queen of the Night is a fantastic six-track EP that is reminiscent of legendary experimental electronic producers such as Prefuse 73 and Boards of Canada.

"Queen of the Night is a six track journey through the prominent melodies, stomp box style guitar riffs, and improvisational looping over digitally programmed drum patterns that make up his unique approach to composition. With an empirical style that has been compared to Prefuse 73 and Amon Tobin, Signal Bath builds on random anomalies over a mixture of organic and synthetic sounds."

1. Bird Language
2. Pyrite
3. Commitment To
4. Sparkle Motion
5, Gallimimus
6. Nature Boy

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