RAW CHANGE: Wednesdays at Space Ibiza


RAW CHANGE: Wednesdays at Space Ibiza

Fear of change is exciting. The unknown draws us, the forbidden provokes us. Imagine transforming your life overnight, unleashing your deepest instincts. Losing control of yourself in a strange environment where there are no standards of conduct. Logic has no place at the new Space Ibiza party.

Every Wednesday from June 24th until September 30th, RAW CHANGE will cause a change in the way we understand the night, shaking off the established system with a transgressor concept where the biggest names in the national electronic scene will join an innovative and original definition of show.

The doors of Space Ibiza will only open for those people who are predisposed to live an experience dominated by spontaneity, prejudice will not be welcome.

If you do not like the strange, the extravagant, the bizarre, if you are afraid of ridicule, of what people say or you simply are not open to new experiences, THIS IS NOT YOUR PARTY.

Tickets for RAW CHANGE are on sale on the Space Ibiza website.