Reactivate Launches new clubbing range with Asutralia’s Synthd Designs

Reactivate Launches new clubbing range with Asutralia’s Synthd Designs

Launched by Australia’s rave-inspired Synthd Designs, a graphic design and fashion business team and the brain child of David Rich and Khan Tihema, two dads from Brisbane, Australia, the new Reactivate range sees their eye-catching designs adorn a new range that encompasses everything from tees, hoodies, rucksacks, clocks, hats and much more.

Reactivate introduced the new European techno sound and its iconic sleeves and stellar tracklistings ensured a huge following with albums still being collected to this day.

Reactivate pioneered the sound of European techno, trance and the ‘hoover sound’ of hard dance with albums featuring tracks from techno luminaries such as Joey Beltram, Sven Vath, G.T.O and Fierce Ruling Diva, trance artists such as Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, BBE, John ‘00’ Fleming and Blu Peter, hard house artists Tony De Vit and Baby Doc & S-J, as well as the React label’s evergreen classic, ‘Age of Love’ Jam & Spoon Watch Out for Stella Mix.

Reactivate also captured the early sound of Europe’s exploding electronic music scene featuring seminal tracks being played at events such as Berlin’s huge Love Parade Festival, Tresor club, Watergate, Hard Wax, London’s 1st ever afterhours club, Trade, Heaven, Troll, Sherbet, The Gallery, Club UK, Peach, Cream, Gatecrasher, Sundissential, and Gods Kitchen and festivals such as Rezerection and Tribal Gathering. 

Still hugely influential, it’s unique neon underwater designs underpin a musical legacy whose imprint is still felt to this day with many of its classic tracks still firing up dance floors to this day. It showcased the different German scenes such as those taking place in Berlin and Hamburg on label such as Basic Channel, Force Inc, and eye Q,  as well as the Dutch and Belgian electronic scene around labels such as R&S, Djax Upbeats and Rush Hour. Sven Vath, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Tony De Vit are the first superstars from Reactivate and still hugely influential to this day

The Reactivate album series released 18 compilations as well as several ‘Best Of Reactivate’ collections, racking up sales of over 1,000,000 copies on vinyl and CD. Truly the 1st underground dance music runaway success, reflecting what was exploding in the clubs during that era.

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