Remus Rujinschi emerges with bold attitude on ‘You and Eye’

Remus Rujinschi emerges with bold attitude on ‘You and Eye’

Renowned for his years of service to the underground scene and in training the next wave of sound engineer and producers, Remus Rujinschi, though in love with EDM and dance, is an impressive talent across the genre spectrum. A solo act once again in recent months, his latest singles are making waves, still mastering the next phase of his career.

Remus’ latest single lies in the electrifying and eclectic deep house grooves of ‘You and Eye’. The vocals are delivered with a bold attitude, leading the track onward with an empowered performance. The soft opening is slowly built, driving to a chest-thumping climax, the ecstasy of the synths engulfing the atmosphere. The depth of the arrangement is a tantalising invitation to move, pulling you into the feel-good summer anthem. An instigator for love on the dance floor, it’s a track that represents the excitement of emotion, Remus’ production intricately designed to satisfy musical desires, grabbing audiences and pulling them deeper into a misty unknown.

Sharing his own thoughts on the single, Remus adds, “It’s a song that celebrates the real ones, the ones who ignite a fire within us, the ones we wish for. It’s a testament to the power of connection, it’s an experience, a journey of love and longing. So here’s to the good girls, the summer nights, and the unforgettable moments of You and I.”




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