VA - Retrospective I


VA - Retrospective I

With Retrospective I K4music brings a selection of their best tracks from 2018.
Kicking off with "Transition" an complexly layered and highly emotional composition, which simultaneously manages to maintain a high level of energy.

Number two is "Illusion", an emotional deep house track with melodic pads and synths.

His "You Can Touch My Body" is a groove with percussion the rhythm is tightly constructed without ever sounding too busy, leaving enough space for some floating pads, synths and a funky guitar lick while the heavy kick and melodic sub bass keep the dance floor happy throughout. Vocals and a catchy sax melody completed this track.Imagine a sunrise at an outdoor beach party at the end of summer with this playing.

All ends with the Starkillerz's Remix from Kai Sheen's "Loveletter".