Rising NYC Talents Jake Silva and Frankie Sims Collaborate To Create High-Energy Club Hit, ‘Every Little Thing’

Rising NYC Talents Jake Silva and Frankie Sims Collaborate To Create High-Energy Club Hit, ‘Every Little Thing’

Up-and-coming Portuguese DJ and producer Jake Silva makes his return to the release trenches, joining forces with rising Italian talent Ferrigno and New York-based DJ and producer Frankie Sims for their new collaborative-single, ‘Every Little Thing’. ‘Every Little Thing’ serves as Jake’s second official collaboration with Ferrigno following the release of their high-energy cut ‘Dance’ with AMARI, released earlier this month via House of Talents. With ‘Every LittleThing’, Jake Silva and Frankie Sims mark an exciting chapter in their musical journey as they link up for their first official collaboration. Longtime pals and avid supporters of one another, the pair combine their respective production styles to create an endlessly playable dancefloor weapon that is sure to be a crowd favorite. ‘Every Little Thing’ is  via Groove Basement.

Every Little Thing’ is a bouncy offering drenched with electro-charged drops and exuberant percussive elements. Showcasing Jake Silva and Frankie Sim’s inimitable talent and production abilities, the latest to come from the rising talents perfectly infuses each of their respective sounds to create an undeniable house banger. With ‘Every Little Thing’, the duo plays hard to their melodic strengths, delivering a track with an unparalleled energy that is sure to leave listeners eagerly waiting for more. Jake Silva and Frankie Sims are sure to set dancefloors ablaze with their latest endeavor, proving they can make a one-of-a-kind listening experience every single time.

With ‘Every Little Thing’, Jake Silva and Frankie Sims solidify themselves as forces to be reckoned with in the dance music scene. Serving as Frankie Sims debut release, the up-and-coming DJ and producer showcases his undeniable talent, offering listeners a taste of what’s to come. Offering an acute display of his creative vision, Jake Silva shines in his sophomore single – leaving listeners eagerly waiting for what the bubbling talent has planned next.



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