Rising Talent MNNR Drops Dazzling 2-track EP. “Clear My Mind”

Rising Talent MNNR Drops Dazzling 2-track EP. “Clear My Mind”

MNNR’s latest EP is a thrilling showcase of his signature artistic production approach, kicking things off with title track ‘Clear My Mind’. Starting the EP on a high-note, ‘Clear My Mind’ is an electrifying production packed with glitchy synths, hard-hitting hi-hats, and a commanding vocal cut. With a classic-tech house four-on-the-floor rhythm, ‘Clear My Mind’ serves as a testament to MNNR’s prowess in creating a dynamic and captivating listening experience. Rounding out the EP as a standout track, ‘Really About It’ seamlessly blends rhythmic and melodic elements to create an infectious, hypnotic rolling bass groove. Pulsating beats, synths that sound like raindrops, and a hip-hop vocal drizzle come together to create a track that is sure to get any audience moving. The latest to come from MNNR serves as a premier example of the shining talent’s innate ability in crafting dynamic and captivating productions that will leave listeners eagerly waiting on the edge of their seat for more.

From start-to-finish, the ‘Clear My Mind’ EP takes listeners on a high-octane journey of sound featuring dynamic soundscapes, vibrant percussive elements, and enthralling melodies. Signifying a new chapter in his musical Journey, MNNR cements his position as one of the most thrilling and innovative names in the dance music space. With the ‘Clear My Mind’ EP, MNNR showcases his ability to create vibrant and captivating productions that leave a lasting impression, delivering an unforgettable auditory experience that will appeal to dance music fans and newcomers alike.



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