roBOt Festival announces the first 10 artists


roBOt Festival announces the first 10 artists

roBOt Festival announces the first 10 names that will make up the rich mosaic of the eighth edition dedicated to the theme #XLR8 (October 7th – 10th  2015 in Bologna, preview: September 24th at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna).

They are all foreign artists – coming from UK, Denmark, United States and Russia – acclaimed by the international music scene and arriving in Bologna with high quality projects, including live and DJ sets that embrace multiple genres.

Music pioneers and veterans coexist in an unreleased program that will satisfy even those who have already purchased an early bird ticket (promotion expired on May 25th) and to whom will be awarded the new promotion of the Early Bird Passes costs now 65 euros + reservation fees (valid until June 8th, 2015).

Among the announced artists we point out SQUAREPUSHERUK considered as one of the greatest prodigies in the electronic scene for two decades now, for roBOt08 he’s preparing a project where drum’n’bass, acid house and jazz are insanely and brilliantly accelerated; POWELLUK, one of the most incandescent talents of techno music CLARKUK, an artist who does not follow the herd of the trends, he will be presenting a psychedelic and dazed live techno set. Among the dj-set there will be an exception: TRENTEMØLLERDK, who rarely tours as a DJ, proposes a set different from the clichés of techno and house, which embraces experimentation and post rock; NINA KRAVIZRU  alias Damela Ayer, producer, singer and DJ of Siberian origins, known for her characteristic acid, techno and house vibrations and BEN UFOUK, one of the most talented DJs of the last decade, with a dj-set that explores the worlds of house, garage and dubstep.
The collaboration between roBOt Festival and Red Bull Music Academy has also been confirmed for this eighth edition, which like last year will have be given a separate stage. Among the first 10 names announced, there are four co-productions: a live show proposed by the English duo SHERWOOD & PINCHUK representing a meeting / clash between generations, for a perfect interplay between bass and dub; a live show by EVIAN CHRISTUK, stage name of Joshua Leary, an artist able to build bridges between seemingly irreconcilable extremes in music and the new live set of NATHAN FAKEUK, who will, without fail, live up to his name as one of the most enlightened minds of the electronic music of the last decade. Among the dj-set, there will be LEVON VINCENTUS, the purest soul of house, a New Yorker-turned-Berliner, the most intransigent soldier of club culture.
roBOt – Digital Paths into Music and Art – is an international festival dedicated to electronic music and digital arts which takes place every autumn in Bologna, Italy. Now, going into its eighth edition, proving over the years a vitality and continued growth that has consecrated it among the most important events of its kind internationally. In this perspective, roBOt is creating a network with its overseas counterparts to share experiences with foreign partners: not only musical performances but also projections, workshops and manufacturers of media and digital arts in 360 degrees. Since 2014 roBOt has established a collaboration with Buenos Aires, the innovative city that constitutes the most active artistic pole in South America.
September 24th, 2015: preview Teatro Comunale di Bologna
7th to 10th October 2015: Palazzo Re Enzo, BolognaFiere