Maximani - Rockstar


Maximani - Rockstar

MAXIMANI'S 'Rockstar' just got supercharged with the release of the official music video. His previous release Ugly Dance got well over 100k views and the expectations for the new single are high. Why? Because Maximani says so! No seriously, it's a must watch.
The video for Rockstar was directed by Maximani and Joakim Svensson of New North Productions. The crew planned months ahead and finally found the perfect spot in the forest to record it. Just one hour out of Stockholm.

MAXIMANI: "I was thinking about the success of Ugly Dance, and I believe it became so popular because the average guy can relate to it: 'If Maximani can dance ugly and not give a f***k, why can't I?'

So me and Joakim came up with this idea to make Maximani a mystical entity that brings feelings of joy and unity to all the people of this universe. 'Rockstar' emphasizes that literally ANYone can be a ROCKSTAR. It's really just how you perceive yourself. And I think that people who aren't self conscious are the most fun people you can ever be around 🙂 I have a big interest in making people let go of their fears and start focusing on the good instead."

Maximani is a unique artist who bridges the gap between standard big room and old school funk, setting his music apart from the rest. In the future, he hopes to play at both major and minor festivals.