Rollerblaster Records presents ‘Back Then’ by Ricky Chopra

Rollerblaster Records presents ‘Back Then’ by Ricky Chopra

Spend enough time with Ricky Chopra, and you will hear him say ‘I was there!’ To be honest, he really was. Ricky started his DJ career in a time before computers, MP3s, CDJs, and even before house music broke on these shores. Best know for a long stint at (UK) Sheffield’s ‘Gatecrasher’ through the 1990s, now he gets on Rollerblaster Records with ‘Back Then’, a glorious tribute to 80s Chicago house in the freshest style.

Let yourself dancing to its crispy groove, while your mind floats along an uplifting synth arpeggio, until the track reaches a truly spiritual moment with the vocal in the break.

Beside the Original Mix you’ll also find an extended mix, so you can appreciate the track both at home and on the decks.

Out on Rollerblaster Records on may the 28th. Don’t miss it!




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