Sadie Nix Returns with Latest Single “Tell Me”

Sadie Nix Returns with Latest Single “Tell Me”

Pop songstress Sadie Nix has returned with her latest track “Tell Me,” a radio-ready ballad OUT NOW. The song, led by Nix’s powerfully controlled vocals and anthemic choruses, follows the tale of a noncommittal partner and the heartache that they leave behind. With a cinematic feel, and inspired by classic “end of movie tracks,” Nix’s lyrics pack a punch alongside sweeping strings and strong drums. “I’m no longer your fool,” she sings, finding empowerment in a loss of control.


Based in Brighton, UK but originally from the United States, Nix has always taken an interest in music. However, she began to pursue her talents professionally after the pandemic, honing her craft and releasing singles. Inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift is evident in her work, pop songs that derive from personal experience in the hopes of helping listeners. Her releases have a distinct maturity and confidence, adding a layer of depth not often found in modern pop.


“Tell Me” was produced by Arthur Pingrey (Flo Rida, Norah Jones), who brought his experience producing music for 8 Oscar nominated or winning films. His sound is evident in the emotive nature of the instrumental, which draws the listener in and sounds like a film score itself. It is the perfect track to navigate one’s own feelings to, an authentic plea for answers wrapped up in relatability and sonic beauty.



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