San-Fran Alternative Hip Hop Artist Sú North Releases Cinematic Music Video for Chill Single “Yellow”

San-Fran Alternative Hip Hop Artist Sú North Releases Cinematic Music Video for Chill Single “Yellow”

Alternative hip hop/rap artist Sú North (previously known as Sharif Hassan) is back with his latest single, “Yellow,” and its accompanying music video, set for release on April 7th. The track, which masterfully blends all of the trappings of lo-fi rap, indie rap, contemporary hip-hop, and chillwave, explores themes of self-love and unbridled joy. This is the brand of Sú North, who is known for his introspective and charismatic lyricism. Upbeat, ambient verses are led by simple, melodic piano, infectious bass lines, dance-worthy drum beats, and smooth trumpet coming in at the end. With a chorus taking inspiration from Coldplay’s track of the same name (“And it was all yellow”), “Yellow” provides a welcome break from the chaos of everyday life. 


“The track was created out of the joy self love brings, the joy I have for others I love, and the joy of other people loving me,” he shares. “Yellow is a color associated with the sun. It symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, happiness and friendship.” The music video, which was shot in the Bay Area and directed/edited by Sú North alongside producer/DP Marcel Scott of Summit Sessions, takes viewers on a cinematic journey. Coated in warm tones and bright lights, scenes of seascapes and intimate moments under blankets contribute to the track’s soothing qualities. 


Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Sú North delivers a unique alternative style that is deeply rooted in his knack for lyricism and lifelong interest in slam poetry. Sú North embodies the definition of versatility and creativity. As a cinematographer and creative director, he brings a unique perspective to musicianship, understanding the importance of marrying visuals and sonics for a full artistic experience that is all his own. 


“Yellow” has already resonated deeply with listeners, having attracted over 16K organic plays on Spotify alone. Previous release “Feel” has done similarly impressive numbers, with over 52K plays on Spotify, giving Sú North a monthly average of 20K listeners on the streaming service (singles “Lunch Break”, “Youtruth,” and “On Me” have also broken over 15K listens). The music video for his track “44” has garnered 81K views, a testament to the power of his visual talent and long-time collaboration with Scott.


There is no better way to personify the way that “Yellow” sounds than a slow motion shot of Sú North jumping in the sand with his trumpet player, the instrument adorned with blooming flowers. “Yellow” is a celebration, a triumph for both the artist and the listener. 





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