Sandbox Festival, Egypt is all ready to unleash its pioneering line-up for 2017.


Sandbox Festival, Egypt is all ready to unleash its pioneering line-up for 2017.

May 4th – 6th sees the fifth edition go down on the breath taking Red Sea Riviera in El Gouna, Egypt and is all about community, about pushing musical and about mixing up big names with talented local artists and offering them in intimate places, with longer set times and live acts that complement the organic vibe of being at the beach. This year Ame, Butch, Mike Servito, The Mole and many more all play.

The people who go to SANDBOX aren’t looking to drink to forget, they are looking for mindful experiences with like minded creatives and music lovers. They are looking to relax on the beach as the sky turns red and the sun sinks beyond the horizon, they are looking for a break in the local musical norms and all in the most picturesque setting imaginable. El Gouna is a place where wide open skies and crystal clear seas shimmer in hot sun, where palm trees and local architecture make for a real paradise. As well as more than 35 acts in all, you can also enjoy kiting, diving, snorkelling, or relaxing by the sea throughout your stay.

Musically, Sandbox is right on point again in 2017. In terms of big names, there are few better than Butch, who releases on labels like Moon Harbour, Sea Es Drum and Cocoon and has been a real hit maker over the years. More treats will come from deep house dons Ame, from the Innervisions label, who play live. Techno fans will be delighted with the addition of New York man and Bunker star Mike Servito, dub techno is taken care of by Pattern Drama and Hamburg man Oliver Schories also offers some fine deep house. On top of this, you can expect plenty of great live shows from Canadian and Wagon Repair man The Mole, Einmusik & Jonas Saalbach, Satori & Band [Live], The Meteors Project, Hassan Abou Allam, Sync Tank and Love Over Entropy, while DJs like Mimi Love, NU, Konstantin Sibold, Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder, YokoO, Zeina, Ruede Hagelstein, Madmotormiquel, Kicksy and Hisham Zahran also get in on the action.

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Full Line Up: Alphabetical Order

Aly B
Aly Goede
Âme [Live] Aroussi
Chiati [Live] Dane
Einmusik & Jonas Saalbach [Live] Fulltone [Live] Génial
Hassan Abou Alam [Live] Hisham Zahran
Konstantin Sibold
Love Over Entropy [Live] Madmotormiquel
Mike Servito
Mimi Love
Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder
Mohamed Sadek
NU [Live] Oliver Schories
Pattern Drama
Ruede Hagelstein
Satori & Band [Live] Sync Tank [Live] The Meteors Project [Live] The Mole [Live] YokoO