Santiago Garcia Releases Debut Studio Album ‘Signature’

Santiago Garcia Releases Debut Studio Album ‘Signature’

Out now via his January-launched record label S/GNATURE, the eight-track project features collaborations with AIKON, Aquarius Heaven, Avi Snow, Dorian Craft, G.Zamora, JAW, Nandu, Steve Smith and TOSZ.

‘Signature’ – the eagerly anticipated debut album from Argentinian producer, DJ and label head Santiago Garcia – is released today, April 26, via his very own S/GNATURE imprint.

The remarkable eight-track opus represents Santiago’s most extensive and collaborative body of work to date, with co-productions and features from some of the most exciting names spanning underground house and techno, hip hop and Latin music, including AIKON, Aquarius Heaven, Avi Snow, Dorian Craft, G.Zamora, JAW, Nandu, Steve Smith and TOSZ.


Showcasing the inexhaustible creativity of one of the most prolific acts in electronic music right now, the album includes the previously released hit singles “Mundo Interior,” “Hurt Me,” “I Trust The Drums,” and “Lie,” each already having garnered widespread international acclaim and tastemaker support in anticipation for the full album release.

Speaking about the release of his debut album ‘Signature’, Santiago commented:

“Signature is an album diverging focus from the dance floor but meant to make people dance anyway. There’s no specific genre being aimed for here, I just wanted to showcase the roots and elements from my culture, as well as the ones I’ve visited in my travels and work. Two years I’ve been working on this project; making music in different studios, living rooms and personal spaces around the world with artists I have deep appreciation of”.

Crafted with passion, innovation and a unique artistic vision, ‘Signature’ is a testament to Santiago Garcia’s exceptional talent and creativity. From soul-stirring melodies to infectious rhythms, it promises to captivate listeners with its sonic diversity and emotional depth; each track showcasing Garcia’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Santiago Garcia – Signature is out now via S/GNATURE:



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