Moliner - Second Chance


Moliner - Second Chance

Three cuts, three very different ways of interpreting the same title. On one hand the original track, a purely enjoyable cut for a night out, built with bubbly techno and dark textures of house music. Its synth line is at the same time sexy and apocalyptical. Delightfully effective on a dazed dance floor.

On the other side of this wager the proposal by Fran Zaragoza with a remix rather atmospheric eventually brought into line a wonderfully weird arpeggiated-pad roughed up by a rich sweeping bassline and rhythmic flashes. And then the daring Easy Kid duo experimenting with some old-electro beats, melodic chimes and mid-way decelerations make it all feel whimsical and unpredictable.

3 diverse styles and 3 singular moods in just a small jar. Enjoy it!