Christopher Groove - Secret Garden


Christopher Groove - Secret Garden

''Secret Garden'' is the first of many releases upcoming on the new label is due out on the 28th July 2017 and we introduce it to you now.

The artist responsible is the established producer and musical boffin Christopher Groove who is one half (along with co-conspirator and fellow DJ ''Brad Wilder'') of the fresh meat Offline operation. A season in, and a studio in, Ibiza last year is perhaps the reason why Christopher is finally flying his own flag and offering sultry special work like this. The sound reflects his experience on the island. A groove so welcoming but something elusive and harder to pin down lurks within. Do I belong here?

Well yes if you get to talk turkey with the brooding genius that is Ricardo Villalobos, a man that can spot interesting and elusive from light years away. The inevitable happened

Side 2 features a Villalobos remix of “Secret Garden”. It swirls and sways around the original and as so often with Ricardo you wonder where it was beamed down from. If not space then it was somewhere near the heavens. The start of a beautiful relationship

And this is the start of Offline Records.