SEPHA releases glitchy visuals for “U WANT SOMETHING”

SEPHA releases glitchy visuals for “U WANT SOMETHING”

Following the release of his new single “U WANT SOMETHING” with a polychromatic new offering, multi-faceted performer SEPHA creates music to disrupt.

With a deep rumbling bassline and low slung grooves, “U WANT SOMETHING” is filled with sparks of splintered electronics and pounding 808s – colliding at speed to create his warped soundscapes.

“I wanted to make a light hearted and pastel toned video to complement and contrast with the subject matter of the song”, SEPHA explains.

“Personally, the song was enjoyable to make as each part of the rhythm compliments each other in fairly unusual offbeats. As an artist, I enjoy expressing a variety of emotions and so this song represents my fun side, which contrasts with the lyrical content of power and it’s forms of abuse.”

“U WANT SOMETHING” is out now. Tune in.



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