Perm - shtum 014


Perm - shtum 014

Once again, Perm has turned just the right knobs to give you the perfect soundtrack to your personal journey into Techno wonderland. The Leipzig based wizard simply knows how to leave dancers both dizzy and beatific.
When the strings in '03-VIII' come together to a climax you're more than ready to embrace the night. The focus in '03-IV' is more heavy on the drum work with just the right amount of subtle tripping hazards. '03-III' builds and builds without ever bubbling over while the mighty '03-VIII' comes with a Boom-Tschak-Electro feel to it.

EP Title: shtum 014
Artist: Perm
Label: shtum
Release Date: OUT NOW
Formats: 12" Vinyl

1. 03-VIII
2. 03-IV
3. 03-III
4. 03-VI

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