Singer/ Songwriter Nobel Releases Acoustic Ballad “Flower on the Wall”

Singer/ Songwriter Nobel Releases Acoustic Ballad “Flower on the Wall”

Virginia-based R&B/singer-songwriter Nobel is back with his latest single, “Flower on the Wall,” and its accompanying music video. Written with his own relationship in mind, the heartfelt track is dedicated to his girlfriend. The ballad, led by a simple acoustic guitar, plays more with folk inspiration than Nobel’s previous releases. This allows his vocals to shine through, lullaby-like in nature. “I’m proud of the woman that you are / I watched you grow from the flower on the wall,” he sings over coaxing harmonies.


Nobel, originally from Kurdistan but raised in Northern Virginia, has been pursuing his music professionally for seven years. With a background rich in spoken word poetry, songwriting has become a powerful creative outlet, and his words resonate with listeners for their honesty. His lyricism stands at the center of all of his music, which bends genre by infusing R&B with more traditional singer/songwriter sensibilities. Comparisons can be made to the likes of Mustafa the Poet, Brent Faiyaz, Majid Jordan, and Drake. 


The music video is stripped back but visually stunning. Warm tones and natural sunlight abound as Nobel strums his acoustic guitar in various settings at home beside a pink flower. Editing utilizes a mix of high-definition shots and old-school film motifs, adding to the artistic quality of the track.  “Flower on the Wall” is the perfect track to share with a loved one during this Valentine’s Day season, an intimate message of praise and recognition of growth. 


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