Sinnah reveals charming EP ‘Exist Loud’

Sinnah reveals charming EP ‘Exist Loud’

Her latest release is compelling and everything you’d expect from Swedish artist SINNAH. Armed with four tracks straight from the heart, ‘Exist Loud’ is fuelled with confidence and poise that could easily make this artist an overnight sensation. About being yourself and not giving a beep about what other people think, ‘Exist Loud’ is an empowering offering that will push people to fight for what they believe in.

Speaking about the new release, Sinnah shares, “We have a short time on this earth. That´s the reason why we should exist loud while we´re still here. I think we need to be aware of our feelings and allow ourselves to feel ALL the feelings.”

Adding her thoughts on the EP, Sinnah explains, “Each song represents a certain emotion. I think we should become more aware of our feelings, accept them and allow ourselves to feel all different kinds of emotions. It’s almost like a norm to put a smile on your face and act like everything is fine. I think there are a lot of people out there struggling, who feel bad but don’t know how to manage their emotions. That’s why I think it’s important to teach children that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes and it’s okay to get angry – you have to be able to feel everything! And you’re never alone.”



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