Siskin – Rest Of My Days

Siskin – Rest Of My Days

There can be few more instant-catch ways to premiere your new track, than dropping it during an A State Of Trance set. That’s exactly what Siskin did, midpoint of their ASOT1000 performance, sending their ‘Adrenaline EP’ back into high orbit.

True to Siskin form, ‘Rest Of My Days’ picks right up where ‘Adrenaline’s lamentingly beautiful ‘Let Go’ signed off. While the latter had both feet on terra firma though, aesthetically, tonally and lyrically, Siskin’s newie has more of a head-to-the-sky approach!

Better living through their chemistry, ‘Dopamine’, ‘Serotonin’ & ‘Adrenaline’ have been the EP platforms by which Siskin have shaped and presented their singular sound. ‘Rest Of My Days’ again tracks that ethereal, timeless feel, but it’s what Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton have added to its mix that sets the release apart.

The groove of its bass has a deep space funk to it, while its galactic mainline bleeps its message from on high. Indeed, Siskin suggests “it’s in the stars above”, while their vocal harmonies back an achingly beautiful, supremely poignant seven minutes of music, that once heard is quite impossible to forget.

Continuing to supply that ‘Adrenaline’, ‘Rest Of My Days’ is available from today, through all good streaming & sales platforms here: []. Siskin’s debut album will be released later in 2023.


01: Rest Of My Days (Original Mix)
02: Rest Of My Days (Extended Mix)



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